Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Win Prize Page at EasyHits4u

This pages is a bonus prize page i got when surfing at Easyhits4U

Surf 25 pages

Surfed: 75 pages

Surfed: 100 pages

Surfed: 150 pages

Surfed: 200 pages

Surfed: 250 pages

Surfed: 350 pages

Surfed: 400 pages

Surfed: 450 pages

Surfed: 500 pages

Surfed: 750 pages

Surfed: 1000 pages
(I had to go through a few pages because my eyes began not focus)
(1000 pages is the Final Bonus prize page, no more prize page until...)


Surf 2005 pages
(No more prize page after 1000 pages)

...until I'm getting flood with Easyhits4u credits, a lot of credits and a lot of downline for other TEs, and my eye ball explodes, LOL. In this way I surfing for 19 hours a day, and then i try this way at TTP, traffic-splash, Booming Website Traffic, Website Traffic Hog, QualityHits4u for over 1000 pages a day, Every Day.


 My Payout from EASYHITS4U

My Payout from EASYHITS4U

Now i'm still surfing at EasyHits4U, .. forever.....

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