Wednesday, January 30, 2013

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The secret to getting a lot of pennies in this traffic exchange (TE) is only through the surf, there are available several types of surfing: Surf Code , Surfer Reward, and Cross Promo.

Surf Code / Promo Code / Cross Promo
Here you have to surf in accordance with the surf code sent by the admin to your email every day, add your surf code from your email to the "Enter Promo Code".



There are two or three surf code in one day, enter all a surf code, every surf code has a different bonus for each day.

If you have entered all the code you are ready to surf, surf as much as the recommended pages of the surf code.

Surfer Rewards
Here you can get a bonus while you surf, you can claim the surfing
bonus through the Surfer Rewards, Surfer Rewards bonus can be a pennies or credits. You can claim surfer rewards in accordance with the number of pages per day surfing.


Get Bigger Bonuses With Upgrading your membership to a Silver Account. 
I purchased a Silver Account from my Commission, i get my commission through surfing bonus every day.


My earning after upgrading to silver account is less than one month has already reached more than $ 10.00.

With a silver account you will get a bigger surfing bonuses than a free members, the important is that you must keep a minimum surf 500-575 pages per day.

Join now and start with a free member and earn money online and credits daily. To get more dollars bonus and credit bonus you simply upgrade your account with the cheapest acount silver is only $ 4.97 / month, you can upgrade it using your paypal / payza account or through your commission, less than one month your upgrade fee will be returned.

NB : Some Traffic Exchanges similar with QH4U
here are also some traffic exchange that gives you bonus from Surf Code / surfer Rewards, cross promo and surf contest : Froggy Hits, Etrafficfreedom, Big Beach Hits, Hits and List Cafe, Dream Fuel Traffic, Bizklix, Kodiak Hits, Go Green Hits, Krazy Exchange, Red Man Surf, Hit Zombie, traffic-troll, traffic-guru, scifihits, leprechaunslinks, clicking-crazy, trafficfortitude, dare2click, hitsimpossible, sleuth-traffic. For more TEs click here.


  1. Hello Ari,

    This has been very helpful. I will bookmark your page. Again, thank you for the information. A little help goes a long way!

    1. Hello again Ary. did not mean to misspell your name.

    2. hello Darlene,

      your comment very helpful for my blog, thanks again darlene, upgraded membership at TEs is same with invest your money to that site, that helpful for that site and for you, more you invest more your profits, maybe you want to know how to profits with traffic exchanges, it start from this link and this link is a proof after learning that system, the system make unstoppable traffic even i stop surfing.

      Ary Wisnu aka zigobeh